Stop Offending YourSelf

  • February 17, 2021
  • Lifestyle
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Get it straight, you will live a miserable life when your target is to get everyone to like you. Everyone can’t love you and also everyone can’t Hate you, Even if Jesus Christ walks on the streets today and be sharing long life and prosperity, not everyone will love him for that because particular persons are in love with suicide culture. They just wanna die for their own reason, so why is Jesus blocking it?
So long you work hard or smart to make meaning for yourself, there are tendencies that you will be well dressed most of the time, some people are already offended by that. Yes!!!
Fact that you speak good and correct English, it’s a great offense with some folks if not friends, because they will take it personally as if you are just overhyping yourself.
If you struggled hard in this life to in other to make a meaningful life and have some cash, some people will find it embarrassing and grow hatred for you, they will express the hatred to the extend of telling you may be in your present or absent that, Dangote still pass you, u no go relax? You too dey do! These Statements alone can kill your Vision only if you give them a listening ear.
If you have a way with words in form of wisdom, There are some sort of people in life, they are another group of persons who will feel offended because you are claiming to be the all-knowing dude. ( I too know ).

If you are a young vibrant guy that fears God, they will say hah, Is this one a pastor oh… man of God, Hope you get God’s direct phone line, why you still dey sick, why you broke?

If you looking good either by putting on weight, you are in trouble, They will Still be referred to you as being stingy to your own body, if you are not fat, they will ask whether you aren’t eating? and if you remain the same for two years, they will ask you to say” Are you cursed, why are you still looking the same all this while?

Which of these issues can you resolve by yourself when the world deliberately wants to turn your virtues to absurdity??? So kindly live your life, forget about pleasing people, they will always talk. Make sure your family is beautiful and happy, then resolve your lifestyle with God, gaskiya. Leave world people, ok oh!!!

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