Parental Advice For Ebira Women

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Several Parents, Especially Women Should Stop getting angry when others chastise or rebuke your child for a wrong act, either in your presence or absence. This is very common among the new Generation Mothers With the most slogan ” Don’t touch my child”

Yes, you carried the pregnancy for Good Night Months and gave birth to the child alone but it’s the duty and the responsibility of the whole family and society at large to see that the child Should be of good behavior and also Excel and be Responsible in the society because the outcome of that child moral act will affect the community and the nation, either being directly or indirectly.

People Often Misunderstand what Discipline is and what Wickedness, Discipline is different from Wickedness. Spot the difference and stop misplacing one for the other. Some of our Mothers and Sisters don’t even allow close family members and friends even the father of the Child to reprimand their child, not to talk of a total stranger. Yet, you lack the capacity to discipline the child yourself and if that child eventually turned out bad, That’s when you will begin to blame all your village people for your misdeed and Misparenting.
The personal development of a child who constantly gets away with wrongdoings without being punished physically will be below average. There is no magic about it.

I have seen women who get angry and shout at whoever dares report or point out their child’s wrong act to them. They insult the reporters and tell them to mind their businesses.
I found this act so weird because I was not raised by such mothers. I grew up in an environment where every mother is our mother. They discipline us just as our mother will do and no qualms about that.

There is a whole lot of moral decay in every nook and cranny in our society today and it all began from our various homes. We are fast losing our moral grounds. This is a wake-up call to all Ebira mothers especially the new generation mothers to put on our thinking caps and do justice to the upbringing of our children. While at it, we should continue to seek divine wisdom to lead us through.

This admonition is directed at mothers not because some fathers are not guilty of the activities described above but we all know the society we live in is not a Just one. In our society, a good child is the child of his or her father while a bad child is the child of his or her mother. The blame is always on the mothers.
This is why it is very important for mothers not to spare the rod and spoil the child.

Credits: Billy D. Saliu

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