Night Of Blessings (Irahu Oyiza)

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One of the unique things about the Sacred Months in Islam is that they have special commemorative spiritual nights in which Muslims can develop their spiritual well beings. As prohibited months, when wars, battles, and hostilities are strictly forbidden, they represent a time when Muslims should retreat into their shells for spiritual revival.

As ordained periods by Allah, They serve as moments of spiritual nights of power in answer to prayers {Istijabah}, They denote periods of spiritual re-assurance for the committed faithful. As a Commemorative period of fulfilled hope for the Prophets of Allah, great sheiks, and Ulamahu, they serve as a moment of hope for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). As periods of victory for the patient’s ones who persevere and are unshaken in their faiths during trying times, The spiritual nights serve as re-assuring victory moments for those who establish prayers, fast, give alms, and persevere or endure in patience and trust in Allah {SWT}.

Indeed, the sacred months are Unique. (Q.92), and the spiritual nights in them are useful. Moreso, When the Islamic dates are determined by the position of the moon, Which makes us get the actual commemoration of the spiritual nights. Thus, the potency, freshness, efficiency, and immediacy with, which the prayers of the prophets are answered on these spiritual nights, will be enjoyed by Muslims of all ages.

So, whenever we enter the first lunar month in the Islamic Calendar, Muharram, true Muslims wait with much anxiety and eagerness for the 10th night. This is called Ashura, Night of Blessings, which are the most valuable month in the month of Haram. {Q.2:194}. The Almighty Allah accepted many prayers on this Ashura day; He turned mercifully to many leaders of mankind and all-hearing Allah (AL-Sami), granted many requests on the day. The answerer of prayers {Al-Mujib} Showed kindness on the mankind on this day. The Acceptor of Repentance {Qabil-Etaub} granted much forgiveness on this day as he is Oft-Returning Most Merciful.

It was on this spiritual night that Allah {SWT} granted the prayer of Prophet Adam and his wife, Hawa after Several years of prayers and wandering on Earth, seeking forgiveness. {Q.7:23}. Allah fulfilled his Promises to mankind on this day. God has sent the Father and Mother of Mankind on Earth from Paradise after taking the forbidden fruit with the deceit of Satan. {Q.2:36}. But for Acknowledging their wrong; for having the will to give up sin; and for resolving to eschew sin in the future, Allah showed mercy on them. He made them meet on Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia after Years of Tribulations and Separation between husband and wife on the Ashura day. Some scholars say they touched on earth in and around modern Iraq.

Also, Prophet Nuh (Noah) and his Companions on the Ark were delivered on this day. For Over Nine centuries of Preaching, his people had rejected the truth in the worship of only one God, Including his son. {Q.11;32} the few that believed him and two pairs of each species were saved in Noah’s Ark as the Non-Believers Perished in an unprecedented flood that gushed from the fountains of earth and sky, Their Ark Rested on Mount Judi or Kurd situated near Persia on the Ashura day {Q.11:44}. That was why our fathers in the day to commemorate how Noah and his companions Disembarked from the ark with joy with lumps to touch on earth after an unimaginable number of years of the flood.

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