God Praising Names in Ebira Language

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Different People from Different ethnic Group often have their different names of giving praise to the God Almighty, Is obvious some Ebira Sons and Daughters can give 5 praising names to use in praising God almighty in Ebira Language, That is why i sit back and make some research am come up with this top 20 praising names to praise God in our own Ebira dialect with the English meaning.

NoEbira NamesEnglish Translation
1Orchietenwuthe conqueror
2Ohinoyi OhinoyiThe King Among All Kings
3Ome-omezeyiDoer of whatever He wishes
4Ogohdo-gohdo onuvo-oza ometuThe Highest that no one can Reach
5Ogene-mezinaThe baseless that can never fall
6OhomorihiGod/ Allah
7Owor-oza, Ohor-ozaHe takes, He saves life
8Ewavonusuru-hunThe Most Patient
9Ome keneva-huse. Ome kenevahorHe do whatever and awaiting who will ask why
10OnaporoOnly he Exist Forever
11Osiyoza-odozaHe Gives and Takes
12Omeiza Enehuthe best gifter
13Omozunyi – mozake_egorHe makes you Laugh and Cry
14Odoza-harThe Saviour
15Onyi owudu, nyi IrahuHe Gives Day and Night
16Onukata The most powerful 
17Inda Oni Itovu The White Garment
18Adaka dejoThe Judge Of all Judges
19AbamboraThe Widest
20Ogigi Mokareyi- Okana geThe Able Judge and the Sayer

Do you have any suggesting of other praising names or you want to makes some correction to the above ones listed ones, please drop it in the comment Box.

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