Ebiraland a Lovely Abode To Tourist or Strangers

Ebiraland is an area in Nigeria located in Kogi state specifically in its central part. It is surrounded by mountains and hills and as well share border with the with four metropolitan pole (north, south, east and west) part of Nigeria.
As the name implies, it means in English language, good manned or good character set of people. They love and adore one another both in and outside their region.
In this vein, their reaction and attitude towards harboring new intake into their society is describe to be awesome. As they most time give their best in welcoming the visitor in their most lovely way and as well make him/her comfortable whilst in the land.
In respective of the visitor’s tribe, location, religion or even ethnicity, Ebira people are only after love for humanity thereby welcoming him/her with a sincere love and as well cherish their visiting.

A normal or lay Ebira born both in and outside his kingdom will never make his visitor uncomfortable or cared less about visitor but rather, will try to impress the visitor with the little he have. That’s how they are naturally created. Creating a lively environment where anybody across the globe can come and leave. For spirit of oneness in their blood, if an enemy even came as a visitor to their abode, they will still give him/her a mouthwatering welcome letting their former differences to slide. In line with this, one their quote says ‘Iresu Omawehi y’Oza jeh’ (head can’t pay one a visit to be cut-off). As far as the enemy has come to their abode, the bygone will be gone.
Many great personalities has came to grace the love of this land and still, many are still coming. One among these people is the then Head of State Major Muhammadu Buhari during his visit to the land. He was celebrated beyond his imagination. Welcome like an emperor, celebrated like a hero and given a chieftaincy title called “Ogareku Ekura” (Warlord of The Nation). Mr. President never regretted his visit.
In Ebira region today, people who come as strangers are building houses in the land, marrying their sons and daughters and also, enjoying the same freedom as the indigene of the area.
If not for language difference, one would have hardly differentiate an indigene of Ebira from a visitor or stranger. The visitors are free to move freely and carry out their activities in the land peacefully as far as it does not go against the rusles and guidelines of the society.
Whoever outside the region that has visited the area will never regret their stay and anyone who’s planning on visiting, he or she has made a great decision to go and witness what love for one another really means in our nation.

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