Ebira Female Native Names And Their Meanings.

Ebira females names and meaning
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People Often Don’t Know on Gender Of which some certain Names in Ebira Language Should be Given, In this Post I will Revealing some Ebira Female Native Names and their Meanings In English Language, As we all Know Names Play a vital Role In A Child’s Life, That’s why everyone is been Advised to give a befitting and well researched name to his/her Child. I believe After Going through this Post, You should be able to decide on which Ebira Native Name You should Give your Children.

EneyiThe stolen 0r the denied OneF
OdimboThe Loving Pet ChildF
OmayiozaOne born to HumanityF
OmeyiStylish And Possing ChildF
OmetereThe Good Deed DoerF
OhuneneThe Calm OneF
OvayiozaThe Kind-HeartedF
OnonoThe Beautiful DamselF
OnozasiPeoples ChoiceF
OrahachiThe Blessed FavourF
OvazaOnes BelongF
OmayaraThe Living OneF
EnehezeyiThe Lover Of LifeF
OchuuThe Chubby OneF
AnavamiThe One That’s MineF
AsimiIf I am givingF
AtimpoThe Cherish OneM/F
OyizaThe Blessing ChildF
OkivoThe Fat and Beautiful OneF
AnaroThe Calmy OneF
AnavoroThe Straight Forward OneF
Ozi-ChekuThe Befitting OneF
OrengwuThe Soft OneF
OzohuHuman Is the BestF
OziohuChild Is the best GiftF

The Above names Is what we currently Figured Out, Please if you have any Suggestion Concerning this names or for correction purpose, Please Kindly Drop Your Comments Below,

Ebira Female Native Names And Their Meanings.
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  1. Good one! Conduct more research on the traditional names in Ebira language. There are deeper meanings to those names. Traditional names are given on circumstances surrounding the birth of a child.

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