Learn Ebira: Common Greetings In Ebira Language

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Welcome to Ebira Riddles Blogs, This is a blog that Indulges in educating The world About Ebira Language And Easy Way to Understand the Language in no time.

Below is List of some common greetings in Ebira Language.

1NyeneGood Morning
2KaneriResponse to the above
3NyeehiGreetings from an in-coming persons
5AdijooSee you later/bye for now
6NaaveGoodbye/”go come”
7NyaatuGoodbye (someone not expected to be back)
9WaadahiHope you are fine?
10Ete me ya?How is everything?
11AduhuooTill tomorrow (good night)
13AvoThank You
14NyaarioCondolence greeting
15Nyaari echeFestival greeting
16Nyaari Iresu OyizaCongratulatory greeting
17Nyaari emiThanks for your support
18EyawurengwuLong time no see
19Ozi oo dahi?Is your child doing fine?
20Sheyipengwu awuTake care of your self
21Azaayiyo/AzamiazawuyoHow is our people?
23Anyari Ekuhi EtaThree days No see

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