(Advice)Reason Why You Should Keep an Eye On your Wards.

  • February 17, 2021
  • Advice

Rape is on the rise and the perpetrators of the evil act are usually people close to the victims. This is more reasons parents and guardians should be more careful and be wary of whom they leave their wards with or allow them to be too familiar with their wards.

Rape is not gender-based. The boy child is as vulnerable as the girl child but the statistics may differ. If most of our men open up to tell us the Hanties that introduced them to sex life, we will be dazed. Unfortunately/fortunately, they get to enjoy theirs, unlike the girl-child, except it’s been done to them(the boys) through their anus.

No child is too young to be taught Sex Education especially now that the demons are everywhere. As a mother, once your child can talk and identify the various part of his/her body (from 18months/2years) take it upon yourself to lecture the child on the sacred parts of the body and inappropriate touching the child should find offensive and report to you irrespective of who the offenders are, not minding the threat too. Tell that child he/she can always trust you. This is the only way your child can be confident enough to tell you all that you need to know.

I started teaching my daughter how to rinse her butt when she urinates from age 2 and also makes her know that not everyone can help her wash up after using the loo. I told her why such precautions are very vital for her safety. She assimilated the messages and doesn’t hesitate to protest when not too familiar faces want to help her clean up. It could be dramatic at times but I love her gut.

There was a day she came back from school and told me a boy in her class touched her buttocks. I queried further to know how it happened and she said “it was when she stood up to shake off the food particles on her uniform that the boy beside her touched her buttocks.” I asked what was her reaction. She said, “she slapped and pinched the boy.” The class teacher heard the boy crying, makes inquiries, and warned him.

I didn’t let this slide just like that. I made follow-up enquiries the following day and it turned out that the boy was only trying to play Doctor Mcstuffin on my daughter (a cartoon character) He said: “I only wanted to give her injection on her buttocks like Doctor Mcstuffin but she slapped me.” I told him not to do that again and wait till he becomes a medical doctor when he is grown before he can give people injections. They both tell each other sorry and made up.

My baby was happy that I came through for her. I didn’t shut her up as most mothers do. It could be something more serious. If you don’t give your kids the room to tell you all the nonsense, you may never have the opportunity to hear the sensitive/terrible issues from them. Be your children’s friend. Allow them to be free with you and make out time to ask them sensitive questions. If you don’t teach them what they need to know, they may end up learning the negative ways. Do your best as a parent while we beseech the Almighty for his divine protection over our children.

Every child’s life matters. Protect your Boy-child as your Girl-child, all the children under your care inclusive. Yes, your house helps too. Report perpetrators of rape to the relevant Authorities irrespective of your relationship with them. Don’t be an enabler of Abuse.


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