Advice to Our Dear virtue mothers,

  • April 4, 2021
  • Culture
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Dear virtue mothers,
As una dey train una daughters to become pious wives, also train your sons well to become responsible husband. Make una stop to dey sew agbada on top bathroom slippers.

We have to be very sincere and intentional with this parenting of a thing. Let “Admin please hide my I.d and post for me. My husband doesn’t flush toilet and his boxers reeks repugnant smell. He comes home late and beat me always… yen yen yen….” ends in our own time. Don’t pass the baton to our daughters in-law. Only us can model the men we so much desired our husbands to be in our sons, for our future daughters in-law. Watch how your sons talk to/relate with the females around them now and act fast if need be.
Yes! We can do it💪

Billy D. Saliu

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