Admonition For Our Nursing Mothers

  • February 17, 2021
  • health
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Dear Nursing Mothers,
I know how tedious and overwhelming motherhood is especially when you don’t have capable and trusted helping hands. Yet, motherhood is a beautiful experience.
Even when you have house helps, nannies, and caregivers all around you at your beck and call, it’s still not out of place for you to dedicate a little time to check out what goes around your house especially with your kids.

Do you know it’s safer to prepare your kid’s food and clean their feeding bottles yourself? If you are not always at home, you can get them more bottles to be used and left unwashed in the fridge till you return home later to wash them yourself. Most of these bits of help are always in a hurry to get things done that they don’t pay attention to details. You will find them washing your kid’s bottles together with other oily dishes even if you provide a different sponge/vacuum brush to be used for the kid’s dishes only.
Do you blame them? Not really! House chores could be very overwhelming and tiring.

When was the last time you washed your kid’s dishes/bottles yourself? Today is a good day to check those bottles and see the accumulation of food particles in there. Go wash them yourself and sterilized them with hot water if you don’t have a bottle sterilizer. You can add a little drop of chlorine to the hot water to kill the germs.

Maybe your baby bottles are the culprits harboring all the germs/bacteria responsible for the repeated tonsilitis and diarrhea you have been treating for the child.
This is a very common infection with kids below age 5 that can be avoided if you adhere to the above admonition. This is way cheaper and safer than drugs.
Go wash those bottles now

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