• April 4, 2021
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“No woman; No Nation” We are beautifully and expensively created. We are the home makers. We are embodiment of love and kindness. Soft, meeky yet very strong. So strong we are that we persevere more than expected­čĺ¬ I love my gender­čĄŚ

We have been clamouring for gender equality and equity but how sincerely do we women folks treat each other right? It’s common to hear men say this often “women are each others enemies.” This is because they see how most women treat their fellow women with disdain, how we secretly and openly pull each other down, the backstabbing& backbitting, the malicious gossip&slandering, the hatred&jealousy etc. There are men with such bad energy too but ours is more pronounced.

As we clamour for Gender Equality, let’s learn to sincerely love each other both in actions and in words. We should be each other’s support system and cheerleaders. We should celebrate each other’s success recorded in marriage, career, business, education et al. Don’t be happy over a sad misfortune that befall a fellow woman.
Feminism is not all about supporting a woman to leave her marriage (for justifiable reasons or not) it’s about lifting up a fellow woman in your own way.

Yes! We can do it. Equality among and within ourselves will put us in better light and aid our agitation for Equality and Equity with men.
It’s not too late for you to change if you exhibit any of the aforementioned negative vibes.

To all the beautiful women doing us proud, keep being you and God bless you more.

A big shout out to our Kings of Men treating us right and giving us the necessary support to spur on greater height. We Love You All.

Happy International Women’s Day.

P.S. Tag all the beautiful women you know, let’s celebrate them.


Billy D. Saliu

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